Cool Abiogenesis Video

Abiogenesis is the theory of how life began. It is still in a hypothetical state, but in the video above is one possible way in which life could have arisen 3.5 billions of years ago. Frankly, I think there are many ways life could have arisen, and I don’t buy panspadermia (meteorite from a remote system contains life and seeded Earth) because it is a cop out. One explanation, which is in the video above, is that simple fatty vesicles which could divide, absorbed nucleotides by simple thermodynamics, which I find extremely beautiful and “simple” (meaning, really good explanation that doesn’t need anything overcontrived). It also takes a bite at creationist arguments, which I find logically illogical and ignorant of how science works, and shows that perhaps life was inevitable. In the end, biology is glorified chemistry, a really cool chemistry.


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