DAS stuff (part 1)

In the third Tuesday of every month, I go to Delaware Astronomical Society meeting. In the meetings, guest speakers come to talk or lecture about their hobby or latest reasearch in astronomy, which is really cool, and make somewhat geeky jokes. Once in a while, one does get to look at telescopes (observations are done in star parties), and seeing Saturn by one’s own eyes is just magnificent. The experience is nothing like seeing it in picture in my opinion, though the pictures themselves do manage to be even more beautiful.

This month’s meetings was about astrophotography. In the presentations, they presented a wide range of equipments, and introduced the hobby. The hobby seems like it is only for fancy people with money to spend 🙂 . Actually, it depends on what one wants to do, do the cheapest is like a few hundred bucks.  Then, four people presented their equipments and the fancy pictures they took. One person made an observatory, which is just an outdoor plataform with a sliding wooden shed to keep the telescope in. One person had really cool and fancy equipment, and with a computer, he could point it anywhere in the sky. Many, if not all presenters had electronics connected to the telescope from the garage or indoors, to remain warm and cozzy. Some showed some of the techniques they used and how they eliminated problems.  All of them presented really cool pictures, like Orion’s nebula, Whirlpool galaxy, Saturn, a nebula which looked like it had llamas on it, and more.

Twas fun, till the end. Sometimes, one gets to recieve free stuff in the club. Last year, I got a laser from dinner meeting, and in this one, I got two years worth of Sky and Telescope magazine! Yaeh for free stuff! I have some much things to read, though, like other magazines, I don’t know how I can finish them!  


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