DAS stuff (part 2): star party

Last week, I went to a star party, which is basically an event people gather together to watch sky stuffs. It gets dull sometimes, but talking with people and looking at the magnificent beauties of  celestial phenomena makes one forget about it, and it is fun. That day, we looked at Saturn (I liked the fact that I could see its moons), Mars, and binary stars. The coolest binary was the double double, and as the name suggests, two doubles circle each other.

(you can skip this, tis a science  lesson)                                                                                                                                                                      Which brings me to the first fact of the blog, which is: did you know that most stars are actually double? Yeah, the sun is a freak in that respect, and that is because stars start in a stellar nursery called the nebula, therefore it is very probable that two stars can form close and as time passes, those star systems drift away from each other. The sun is a lucky gal that drifted away a long time ago without a companion.  Disclaimer: I am a High School Student, so I might be wrong in a detail or two.(/science lesson)

Another object we saw was a man made satellite orbitting the Earth, which was visible to the naked eye. I don’t know it was my first time, though, I have seen lots of moving things in the sky in my life. Knowing it was man made, though, gave me this butterfly in the stomach kind of feeling. I ended up pretty satisfied with what I saw, though the sky could have been better. It was hazy and the moon was shiny. (if you look at it with a telescope, your eye kind of hurts because of its brightness)


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