Back from Jebus camp

Whoo! Finally! I did not have a good time, and no, it is not because it was religious, but because it was boring. Especially Jesus praising and catholic mass (church in camp! camp! If you haven’t gone to catholic church, you have no idea how boring it is) The first praise was short, I fell asleep in the second one, and I recieved the full torture in the third one. I really missed the internet. Good thing I brought “Coming of Age in the Milky Way,” which I will be posting about soon. I didn’t like some of the games, but I liked chicken fight, the one where I had a bottle of 3 gal and 5 gal and had to have 4gal of water, and … yeah. I also enjoyed watching the woods being consumed by the fire, though I didn’t get to watch it till the end. I disliked eating time, since I had to wait forever so that everybody could get the food and pray. Wait all that just to talk to air! (what? I was really hungry) Nor did I like some of the food. I also had to eat with my team members, which  was a bit annoying. Once, we had to play at night where you had to “cheat” your partner, which was boring, though in the end, it turned very funny. We had to do a “race”, watch a really neat play based on A Bug’s Life (they ruined it when Flik prayed and they said some morality thingy after the play), some dancing suff, invent team name/flag/chant, skit (why dit it have to be about a parable?), and more. Now, you may be asking, how could I have been bored? Well, stuff like dancing and some group activities they did was not so fun for me. Or maybe it was my mental state, I expected to be bored, so  I was bored. I don’t know. I only enjoyed some things in the second day, the other two days were completely crap.

In the final day, I had to clean the bathroom along with other people. Nasty mud everywhere, with clogged toilet with poop in it. Sometimes, when I sat on a toilet, it felt like someone peed outside. Anyways, I hated it so much  that I modified a jesus song to reflect my feelings and sang to myself:It went like “Deep, deep down in your heart, you know you hate cleaning up.” and “Do you think clean up sucks! Yes I know clean up sucks!

Anyways, I am glad to be back.


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