Carnival of elitist bastards (Are you one?)

This is a link of carnival of elitist bastards:

So, you are wondering, what is carnival, elite, and bastards? I bet most of you know, but just in case… Carnival is like a collection of article of bloggers, elites are a special class of people. Now, why is it called that? Cause now a days, if you know more than anyone and try to crush their most cherished held belief, you are elitist, and therefore, arrogant.

Here is a good satire by Colbert:

The point of it is, because there is so much public disdain for intellect (I have heard people who are educated being called elite), they decided to set this carnival to celebrate intellectual bastards. And you know what? That means I must be an elitist bastard too, and I am proud of it. All you have to do to be one is to want to be educated. Even it means being arrogant (I am just playing along from the point of view of people who call smart people elitist), and I would rather be that kind of bastard than a crank and an ignoramus. With all sarcasm aside, what is up with people thinking knowing more is bad? If you ask me, not only have I found it useful, but it helped a bit with my popularity 🙂 (I am known as the “smart kid”).

People must think more because not only does it help you choose better in real life and help you differentiate between real and hoax, I believe it is important for people to be educated for the sake of democratic process. The more educated a person is, the better will the person be able to decide on which side to support an issue and form good opinions about it. Not thinking is too easy, the truth is hard, and so much the couragious is the person who braves it. Perhaps why some disdain informed people, maybe they have some cherished values about something or thinks they know something for sure, and they want to retain in to it by ignoring information. I have seen creationists and vaccine denialists do it, they support their own position by ignoring the evidences. As I have heard one guy say, only ignorance fears knowledge.


2 Responses to Carnival of elitist bastards (Are you one?)

  1. Dana Hunter says:

    Wonderful post! Muchos gracias for the kind attention.

  2. ibyea says:

    It is a bit late (and no one will probably read this), but, denada!

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