Irritating Question (reasonable, though) Why science, why explore?

I love science, and I think it is weird when people ask why is one suppose to care. For example, space exploration. People say it is a waste of time and money (money? are you kidding me!? science is one of the least of things a government spends on). I say to them, do you not have any curiosity? Science is all about investigating the beauty of nature, and reality itself. If one digs far enough, one finds things like: gravity is a manifestation of the curvature of space-time created by matter, which is really cool. From what I hear, most scientists do science for fun or to find out things, not to see whether they can find a useful application or be famous. (science at cutting edge is rarely useful, and they become useful only later)

From what I have seen, most children loves science. Then, something inexplicable happens. When kids grow to teenagers, most lose the curiosity and it is replaced by indifference and fear. I blame the suckish science and math education in schools, scaring the heck out of them and sucking their curious souls like leeches at the same time. I think people must refind the coolness that is in science, and I believe outreach is really important. That way, the scientific community gets people supporting the big science stuffs, and at the same time, get governments fundings for them. Those who considers it as unnecessary should ask themselves whether art or music is necessary at all. If one doesn’t like the idea of science as just figuring out nature and how wonderful and cool it is, fine, remember the non-stick frying pan and the computers, jerks 🙂 .

Science is interesting, and if you don’t agree, you can fuck off

     Richard Dawkins (biologist), who took it from a former New Scientist mag editor


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