God of the Gaps

This is probably the most irritatin argument for me personally (other than the all natural stuff). The following sketch was designed to get my point across in a short manner. It goes like this: (and anyone religious, please, don’t be offended, it is just that this kind of argument doesn’t cut it with me, and this is a satire which expresses my feelings in a hyperbolic way)

Questioner: I wonder why is the sky blue?

Know-it-all: I don’t know… Wait, I know! Since we don’t know, this universe must be working by some myterious force! It must be all perfect, since it must be able to encompass all unknown phenomenal… I know! It must be God! So, yeah, the answer is God.

Questioner: Okay! Wow, you really know your stuff. So… do you know why people don’t fly off the Earth even though it rotates?

Know-it-all: It is God pulling us down, duh.

Questioner: Why does the sun burn?

Know-it-all: God is using his awesome power to burn it and make it last forever.

Questioner: Okay, now you are pushing it, but gosh! God sure solves a lot of problems.

Now, replace all of the question with “how was the universe created?” And you get the ultimate god of the gaps, religion. See the problem I have with god (and faith in general)? One pretends to know everything without knowing anything. You can’t know anything by following your guts. Since when has anyone gotten an A+ in a test by guessing in all multiple choice questions? (Extra Credit if anyone answers all of the questions above 🙂 )


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