Irritation of the Day

Two irritating stuffs to report today.

First, when I went to Motor Vehicles to get a permit, the expiration date of my dad’s license was shortened because instead of using visa, he used the employment card, cause they changed the stupid law. Great! He is getting his next employment authorization card in three months! Barely enough time. This is bullshit.

Second, there was this incidence in which a kid “kidnapped” the consecrated “body of Christ,” which is the Catholic term for crackers, which the priests actually give out. Anyways, after the incidence, he was harassed, death threat was sent to him, and a guard was posted at church. Are you kidding me! It was a freaking cracker, and not a tasty one at that. So, PZ Myers comments about it saying it is wrong, since not everyone has to know or practice Catholicism, and because the extreme Catholics were rude. Also, he said he would like to get a cracker just to mess with it. What does the extreme Catholics do? They send hate mails to him, and send a bunch of annoying and stupid comments designed to put any thinking brain into epileptic shock. Anyways, the “debate” is in here. I warn you, some comments are in the border of xtreme childishness and retardness.

Anyways, that is all.


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