Back from Aquarium

Yesterday, I went to Baltimore’s (which was a painful 1.5 hour drive) aquarium. We had to wait, though, because we “had” to enter at 3:30 (stupid rules). Meanwhile, though, I ate a really good burger, not the crappy McDonald kind. Then, we lined up and went inside.

The place was huge! Not only the place itself, but the exhibitions and water tanks. We took pictures, but unfortunately, the camera kind of went bonkers, so… Anyways, we went to the “Australia” exhibit first. The first exhibit had a fascinating variety of lizards, and there were snakes. As we went along, they showed a variety of small land animals and fish. My parents, though, were going too quickly, and I, taking time to look at each one, was hurried along. Stupid, dolphin show, if it wasn’t for that…  So, I barely started looking for a flat, white flounder that camouflaged that I had to go, and I really wanted to see that one, but never found it.

Then we went to the various exhibits which showed aquatic and small land animals from all oceans, or at least that is what I think. Firstly, there was a pool of all kinds of rays, which were my favourite animals of the exhibits. Some of them were freaking huge, like 1.5 meters across. There was also a shark tank, which we looked as they passed along. Then, we went to various small exhibits which showed all kinds of water animals. Some standouts were: black ray with yellow spots/rings, upside down jellyfish, ugly rock like yellow fish, pink with brown stripe porcupine like lion fish, anemones, huge fish, some with whiskers (I have seen big fish in pictures and TVs, but they never quiet prepare you for it), and… yeah, you know ^_^.  On top, they replicated a jungle, which was kind of a bummer, since they replicated the humidity (it was hot outside), and we didn’t see a lot of animals. On the way down, though, were walkways, with water tanks on the wall, where we saw various fish co mingling. And suddenly, it ended, which I didn’t want it to happen, and went to the dolphin show.

Aye! It had to be the dolphin show, sheesh! Yes, they were cute, and yes, I had seen them do tricks, and yes, they are amazing. All I wanted to see were the other animals do their stuff. For a moment, the Hyde in me fantasized the dolphins accidentally jumping out of the water tank (which was partially above floor level) onto the floor, injuring themselves, and getting all dried up while they died. Though, I was amazed at their abilities to follow instructions and mimic them. They seemed like highly intelligent animals (compared to others, they are, having high brain to body ratio), and in a way, a bit human.  I wonder how dolphins feel like when you touch them 🙂 So, it was fun, but not worth it. For me, one ray exhibit was worth a thousand dolphin shows.

Finally, there was the “4D” immersion theater with 3D glasses! With additional gimmicks like water spray, air blowers, bubble blowers. Anyways, they showed a 15 minute clips of Planet Earth, and I found those stupid gimmicks highly distracting. In other words, I hated it. Especially the thing that pocked behind my back. I tried to get away from those holes and block the wate sprayer. So… once again, I hated it, waste of time, wanted to see more animals.

And that is it, that was my adventure in the aquarium, and afterwards, we went to a Korean restaurants.


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