Anime Marathon

Ok, I haven’t posted in a while, I kind of forgot. Anyways, during last week, I watched three days straight of Eureka 7, which is a mecha/action/bildungsroman sprinkled with romance and adventure. In all, it was 50 episodes, and by the end of it, I got kind of exhausted. 🙂 Now, I am watching anime in German, just to get used to the sound for my High School German class next year, though, I wish youtube had German of this show. I really liked it, and it wasn’t the typical mecha stuff.

I thought the show was really good. Nothing mind bending, but it had really good action and story. The action and animation was fluid, and most of the actions didn’t have the colored  streak background most animes have when motions are too quick. Also, sometimes there are gun fights, and shootouts between ships, which I also think are done well. Some of the fighting sequences between the robots are awesome, with the machines twisting and turning rapidly and fluidly.

The story sometimes leave you confused, and it is in need of some proper closing, but it is overall simple. Basically, they are in some sort of a fight between the army and some rebellion, oh, and the Earth has been covered by some sort of sentient rock, and humanity has left it. The main character, though, is a 14 yrs old weenie who blushes every second. He eventually matures, but still, he is a weenie. He falls in love with a girl named Eureka (hence the show’s name), which is part of the story. I have never liked romance stories, and even though this one is ok, I still think it is weird. It has some sappy teen love, with the crying and running and… yeah. Another aspect that is weird is that the girl is actually the human form of the sentient rock. Think about it, an alien and human being in love. It is kind of like bestiality. 🙂 Now, I may be making the story sound bad, but it isn’t bad at all, and you will be engrossed in the boy’s adventure.

Oh, and one final comment. I think this show had one of the best insert music. I like to keep listening to them in youtube now. I wasn’t really fond of the intros and outros except the last intro, which I thought was really good.

So, I recommend you watch it.


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