Nintendo Fanboy Schism

Some of you may have heard of this situation in the gaming blogosphere, which is quaking with 1000s of complaints against Nintendo. You see, after e3, a large gaming convension, a large group of Nintendo fanboys has been dissatisfied with the way Nintendo was treating them, while other believe that it was more logical for them to go casual and wait for the games they want. That is because Nintendo stopped showing hardcore games, and only catered to the casual first time gamers. I am sometimes irrational when I support Nintendo, but in this current situation, I feel like I have to go with Nintendo on this one. Make no mistake, I wasn’t happy with their conference, since it was kind of boring, and they didn’t show a whole lot of games. Also, the lady kind of got in my nerves. Anyways, they sucked.

My take of the situation is this: Even though Nintendo’s conference sucked, they showed 2 cool gadgets and that core gamers are complaining too much. Now, the first point doesn’t matter, since the fanboys were looking for games that agreed to their tastes. For what I can assess, they got a lot of hardcore games for the last 18-24 months. They got Zelda, Mario, Metroid, and Super Smash. Those are 4 of some of Nintendo’s key franchise they played. If anyone is a Nintendo fanboy, they know how much wait they need for one of those games to show up, and this is the first time the company released so many of the key franchises in this time window. Not only that, game development takes years, as video game fans should know, and I believe Nintendo has learned since their time with Zelda not to show games too early. Oh, and Miyamoto confirmed on developments of a few games.

Secondly, they have to face the fact that Nintendo also has the casual audience too, and that they are not the sole audience anymore. E3 may have been the wrong place to show things that are all casual, since the audience of such conference are usually the hard core ones, but it makes sense for the conference to be all about the expanded audiences. Think about it, they are raking most of the money from them. With the money, they could finance the hard core games the fan wants. Bringing gaming experience to the widest audience of people possible, I believe, is the way for the industry to go, since sticking only with the minority hard core audience could eventually stop growth. If more people are introduced to games, then they could go on to be hard core audiences too. This way, both audiences help each other.

So, yeah, the point is, it is not all about you, and you don’t have to like it (personally, I kind of don’t like it).


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