Irritating Grammar and Spelling

In this blog, you may find that I find a lot of things irritating, and I usually like to rank about those. Today’s topic is horrible grammar and spelling. I just can’t stand those. I don’t mind if there are a few errors, but when I hang around the internet, I find that reading some of those comments difficult and irritating. God! How hard could it be to check what one writes! All you have to do is just read your own post and rewrite some words! Reading one of those “Me r teh bst perzzon im ze word!!!111oneoneone” (I kind of exaggerated in that quote) is time consuming and a sore to my eyes. After reading one of those, I feel like clawing my eyes out of the socket. Worst of all, are the people who write in caps, as if no one will get the point unless you capitalize everything. Now, those can be understood, but they are still annoying. Usually, it is usually written by childish type of people who thinks that being louder will make a point stronger.

If you want some examples, I suggest you go to pharyngula and read the post about some of the hate mails he has received. God, people, write better (I am refering to those who don’t 🙂 ).


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