Stoopid Astrology of the Day

In badastronomy, Phil posted this. It is funny, since the astrologer didn’t predict the earthquake. Don’t tell me “It r teh defferent kimd of aztrologi, duuuuhh !!!!111oneoneone” because they all use the same method of using the stars and planet. If they use those methods, they should be self consistent. But no, it is MY method that is the right one. Jeez, people, at least try to remain consistent with your claims.

I used to really hate astrology, even more than biblical creationism (they are really close, though, and now, creationism is the only woo which make me extremely angry, other woos just get me calmly dismissing them). The only reason I used to hate astrology more is because it besmirch astronomy, my favorite subject. Mistreating such beautiful science like this one (and others), and using it to leak money out of followers is more than I can bear. I also used to detest it when I told others that I wanted to be an astronomer, and they confuse it with astrology, although these days, I don’t mind so much anymore. These days, I consider it a badge of honor, a badge that says you are an astronomer at heart. You see, I have heard of other astronomers that have had other people confuse astronomy with astrology. If people come around you to ask things like that, then they must consider you at least knowledgeable. 🙂 I kind of loosened up a bit when it comes to astrology. It is entertaining to match and compare horoscopes. Still, some people are believing in those things for real, so I can’t go easy on it.

Anyways, the whole concept of astrology doesn’t make sense.  The supposed influence doesn’t depend on mass or distance. Then why aren’t the freaking asteroids, dusts, black holes, extra solar planets, and other astro objects taken into account? (courtesy from badastronomy) Also, the whole horoscope idiocy is like a stick figure drawing with white background. It is so vague that the very metaphor of the stick figure drawing doesn’t hold. (ok, this is an overexaggeration) You should watch one of James Randi’s experiments on astrology and other woos in youtube. They show the sillines of astrology and other woos. Say no to woos, children.


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