When We Left Earth

Have seen that show? I think it is great. It shows how NASA sent people to space and to the moon, while facing uncertainties and danger at the same time. Yesterday, I watched the final two episodes, which was about the space shuttle program. Brave chaps, the astronauts are. Riding on a giant rocket is no small matter.  If I was one of them, I would have gotten an image in my mind in which one of the test rockets for the mission exploded.  I especially liked John Young, of Apollo fame, who wasn’t scared of anything exploding beneath or the empty space above. The stomach churning parts were when the space shuttles exploded. Especially when one said that at least three of them were alive after challenger exploded, in which then, they would have probably been unconscious. Though, I liked their spirits, especially after an astronaut said that they are not going to stop just because they had an accident. For me, they are kind of like my personal heroes. 🙂

Watching the program made me heighten my awareness of how much these people, the engineers, scientists, and astronauts, helped human kind expand their knowledge. One example is that without their know how and willingness to brave the dangers of space, the Hubble Space Telescope would have never been repaired, with the faulty mirror and all, and astronomy would have probably been set back for years. To celebrate NASA’s 50th anniversary (which was yesterday), I am thanking the astronauts, engineers, mission control people, etc for their contribution to the expansion of knowledge of human kind, for encouraging others to be curious and adventurous. I hope they will keep doing what they are doing forever, and that the public might support them as much as they can.


2 Responses to When We Left Earth

  1. jzholloway says:

    Nice post, great show.

  2. JoshWink says:

    Oh, Thanks! Really amazing. Big ups!

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