Agenda Based “Science”

August 4, 2008

I never talk much about politics, since it isn’t my specialty. I felt, though, this was way too important to pass over. Over the years, I have known of some of the political idiocy going around in Bush’s administration. Especially when it came to supressed research. I have heard throughout these 8 years that Bush have been around about reports being modified to fit the administration’s point of view about “reality.” (whatever reality means for them) Seriously, if one subjected them through an hour long session of how things work, I bet they would get brain hemorrhage. I have heard of many such incidences, but I hadn’t realized there were a LOT, until now.

Behold, tens of articles containing chronicles of “crimes” against science. The good thing about them is that they are cited, so you can check out whether they are reliable. These rats from the white house, in my mind, have already reached to the levels of the lowest common denominator of foolishness available. They only care about their stupid ideology, never putting them into real practice. It has to be THEIR way, otherwise it is “immoral/stupid.” At the beginning, I was sympathetic. Now, even the remaining sympathy I have left for them is disappearing. A new president will be like a breath of fresh air. (unless it is McCain, he looks like he is scratching the current president’s butt)

In a more lighthearted, tension breaking news, I have been linked by a guy from Sci Blog, yaeh, recognition!! 🙂


Sonic Hedgehog: iconic videogame character or molecule?

August 4, 2008

Okay, it is both. The molecule was named from the videogame character. It is a protein that basically activates genes. Isn’t it cool? A molecule named after a video game character! 🙂 The relevant information about the molecule is in here.

Irritating Internet Blackout

August 4, 2008

Internet blackouts are really irritating. I was using it, and when I was transfering to another page, suddenly, there was an error message. “Ooops, sorry, we are unable to connect to the server.” I checked the connection, and nothing. I reboot the computer, and nothing. So, I called Comcast. After getting through the annoyng automatic voice machine, I found that I must wait for someone to pick up my call. As I waited, a highly irritating music came through the speaker, and at the same time, I was washed over with stupid advertisements I could hardly care about. For goodness sake, I am already using their stupid service! Finally someone picked up, and afterwards, you give the person any relevant informations, reboot, and the internet works again.

It happened 3 times in a single week once. My god! How hard could it be to maintain this thing! Okay, maybe it is hard, or maybe some storm disrupted the service, I don’t know. I am just highly annoyed that it keeps happening. Maybe I can make up a conspiracy theory, typical standards of people who think the whole world is against them. Hmm… I know! Maybe they keep doing it so that when I have to wait for someone to answer my call, they can bombard me with their stupid ads for people who are already using their service.

I am so smart. 🙂