Irritating Internet Blackout

Internet blackouts are really irritating. I was using it, and when I was transfering to another page, suddenly, there was an error message. “Ooops, sorry, we are unable to connect to the server.” I checked the connection, and nothing. I reboot the computer, and nothing. So, I called Comcast. After getting through the annoyng automatic voice machine, I found that I must wait for someone to pick up my call. As I waited, a highly irritating music came through the speaker, and at the same time, I was washed over with stupid advertisements I could hardly care about. For goodness sake, I am already using their stupid service! Finally someone picked up, and afterwards, you give the person any relevant informations, reboot, and the internet works again.

It happened 3 times in a single week once. My god! How hard could it be to maintain this thing! Okay, maybe it is hard, or maybe some storm disrupted the service, I don’t know. I am just highly annoyed that it keeps happening. Maybe I can make up a conspiracy theory, typical standards of people who think the whole world is against them. Hmm… I know! Maybe they keep doing it so that when I have to wait for someone to answer my call, they can bombard me with their stupid ads for people who are already using their service.

I am so smart. 🙂


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