On Germ Theory Denial and Animal Rights

Respectful Insolence has got them covered. Here, Orac tackles antivaccinationist and germ theory of diseases denial myths, and here, he tells about animal right terrorists threatening the livelihood of researchers who experiments on animals. (Even for a freaking drosophila! A freaking fruit fly, are you kidding me!)

My opinion of the first article, I don’t find it surprising that the antivaccinationists keep blabbing away with bad facts. Yeah, no matter how low the amount of a toxin is, it is still lethal. That is stupid, even me, a High School student, knows it is all about the dosage. The amount of materials in vaccines are low enough to be safe. Heck, some of the materials in it are even in higher amounts in around our evironment. As for the germ theory denial, sigh…, that is reaaalllyyy unbelievable. Here we are, on the 21st century, a time in which we know the basic fundamentals of nature, including disease, and here comes a guy who says it isn’t true. And on the second article, the people from the animal liberation group are nuts. They burned the house of a researcher, and they justified it. Evidently, drosophilas are more important than people. They care more about fruit flies than people! Hopefully, justice will be served and knowledgeable people will be able to fight back.

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