On Being a Night Owl

Night owl is the expression I have heard people use to others who spends time at night awake. I am one of those people. I sleep anywhere from 2AM to 4AM. (don’t tell my parents ^_^) I enjoy being awake at night. No one is bothering me with their trivial concerns or chores. I get to do physics and math without people looking at me strangely, or just looking at what I am doing. (that is annoying!) Also, I need time for myself. Sometimes, I feel like people are too encrouching, and it makes me feel metaphorically claustrophobic. (if there is such a thing as metaphorically claustrophobic) I feel like, though, this is helpful to my future career as an astronomer, 🙂 for an all night out with a telescope, and stuff. What it doesn’t help in is the fact that once school arrive, adjusting will be very difficult. I have to wake up early!!! The reason school starts so early is beyond me, and stupid. I have barely time to breakfast and when I arrive at school, my brain doesn’t work like the way it normally does. (normally, my memorization skills are good, which is why I don’t take too much notes) Stupid school system, with their stupidly unnecessary tests and suckish science stuff and grumble grumble grumble….


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