Physics or Woo? (On “Our Undiscovered Universe” Ad)

August 7, 2008

I recently recieved my monthly dosed of the Astronomy magazine. On its back cover, there was an ad a la Expelled style. A guy is writing on the chalkboard “I believe in the big bang” and then it said, you won’t at the bottom of the picture. This was an ad for the book “Our Undiscovered Universe” by Terrence Witt. That set off my skeptic alarm. There are really good evidence for the Big Bang, and this guy was saying it was false. I investigated, and yeah, the guy is full of woo. Firstly, he didn’t seem to have the necessary qualification to write stuff about cosmology. Secondly, he never published a peer reviewed research. If it would have been good, he would have already been famous. Einstein did it while he was working at a patent office, but he published it in a journal. This guy has nothing. Thirdly, from the JFREF forum, the guy gets fundamentals of the standard model and cosmology wrong. If a theory is going to overthrow another one, it must at least reduce to the existing models, just like the way special relativity coincides with Newton’s mechanic at a velocity much less than the speed of light. The most tell tale signal, though, was his conspiracy style argument, claiming scientists are all closed minded and they were all against him. That did it for me, the book is full of woo.

Oh, and look at this beauty from his book: 1^M={1^M/∞^3}∞^3
If you do the algebra, you come up with 1=1 or undefined=undefined. That makes the bloody equation meaningless. Yeah, real helpful equation to understanding the universe. *smirk in elitist manner*