Electromagnetism V. Gravity

August 8, 2008

This is the second edition of *drum rolls* Pop Quizz! A quizz in which the answers are not obvious and if it is obvious, and you get it wrong, you are rebuked at!!!

Occasionally, I will occasionally ask a question, and the reader will answer them! For every wrong answer, I will consider one of your comments a spam. Ha! See how you like that suckers! (I am kidding, of course) Sometimes, a wrong answer won’t invite rage, some really obvious one will, and you will be called an idiot if you can’t answer the obvious one. In fact, I may have to make an extra page on my blog for the lists of idiots. 🙂 So, let the question begin!!!

The question is  0. which one of those forces are stronger (if you get this one wrong, I will be all over you 😉 ), and 4. by how much!!? Extra credit 3. if you know what the equations for force is depending on the distance. 

Hint and answer by entering the page.

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Blood is not Blue

August 8, 2008

Occasionally, I will post a story of my life (and you will like them!). This one is about the time I debated with a bunch of classmates that blood was red. Now, you may be wondering why the heck would blood be blue. The so called “observation” comes around the fact that when blood is oxygenated, it becomes brighter red, and the fact that the color blue is used to distinguish between veins and arteries in books. Now, what they were saying was that blood was blue, and it turned red when one bleeds because it is oxygenated. Read the rest of this entry »