Blood is not Blue

Occasionally, I will post a story of my life (and you will like them!). This one is about the time I debated with a bunch of classmates that blood was red. Now, you may be wondering why the heck would blood be blue. The so called “observation” comes around the fact that when blood is oxygenated, it becomes brighter red, and the fact that the color blue is used to distinguish between veins and arteries in books. Now, what they were saying was that blood was blue, and it turned red when one bleeds because it is oxygenated.

I argued it wasn’t blue even if it was deoxygenated because the iron based protein hemoglobin was red. I don’t remember if I even mentioned that copper based blood compound was blue, ah well. Well, one girl uses the argument of authority, citing her mother, since she is a nurse (in my mind, only a properly trained scientist with the right degrees can be cited accurately). The others kept claiming that blood is blue, and it is evident from the colors of the vein through the skin. Anyways, we kept showering each other with almost the same arguments.

Fortunately, there was a computer in the classroom. I showed them the research which showed why veins looked blue under the skin, with the research itself telling the audience that blood is red. Well, then they freaking moved the goalpost, claiming that they only meant the blood itself, not the blood vessels. Meanwhil, they found a picture of the red blood cells that was blue. What was embarassing for them (and they didn’t know it, nor do they still know it) is that the colors were just inverted, meaning, obvious picture editing. I didn’t know what was it called, so I couldn’t argue about it really well, but it was really obvious the colors have been changed.

They also went to Yahoo answers. What was at the top of my mind was that it wasn’t the most credible sources. After showing them two posts from Scienceblog about blood color, for some stupid reason, I went to Yahoo answers. I replied they were mere commoners, and the other guy replied that I too was one, forgetting that I showed him evidence from experts. Unfortunately, I didn’t call on him. At that point, the whole discussion got heated, and the teacher made us stop, but not before she expressed that blood was blue. The guy I mentioned got cranky and he told me that he wanted to hit me, and I responded back the same way. Throughout the debate, I made a series of blunders that made me look like a crank. If you are reading this, take my advice, never look like a crank. It makes you look like you have lost, even though the argument from the opposite side sucks.

I promised, of course, that I would bring extra evidence. That evidence was the vacuum tubes used in venipuncture. The way venipuncture works is that there is a vacuum in the tube, which sucks the blood in.  Now, I know there are some air in the vacuum, but considering the amount of gas moleculess in a volume compared to the amount of liquid and solid molecules in a volume, there is no comparison. There are far more of the blood molecules than there are oxygen molecules, I think. I showed this evidence to a guy I was debating with (he is a nice pal), not the same idiot I mentioned above (he is literally stupid), and told him about other research I did. I wish my sources would have been more official, though. Anyways, I may have swayed him a bit, if not, he may have by now changed his mind (doubt it). I lost the debate, but it was a good one. I don’t know why the teacher thought it was a dumb debate. Society needs more debates like this in order to test the beliefs that are being held dear.

So, that is my story. The moral of the story is that blood is blue, and debates are cool. ^_^ You may draw up your own conclusions. I don’t want me to tell you all the answers. My job is to make everyone of you to think, K? 😉

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