Happy Birthday to Me!

*birthday song* Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, and no happy birthdays for you guys 🙂 , happy birthday to me!

Oh, and the statement of no happy birthday applies to you guys who get it at August 10th too. 🙂 Oh, and a “miracle” has happened today. If you would have known me well enough, you would have known I hate the church because it is so darn boring. Well, guess what happened at MY birthday? A lightning struck my church during service and a fire alarm set up. I don’t know what burned, though, but it doesn’t matter. It is the only good thing that has ever happened to me on church, and on my birthday! 🙂 If there is a god and justice in this world, the clouds must be it.

So, yeah, this is my 18th trip around the sun. Yikes! That means I traveled in space relative to the sun (without counting relative to the Milky Way and the whole universe) 1,260,000,000,000,000,000 km!! (multiply 149.6^2 by pi, and then by 18 ) You know, I have been thinking, if the Earth stopped right now in its rotation and revolution all at once, firstly, we would smash against the walls, and be sent out flying, and the planet would probably melt from the shedding of all of those angular momentum (or melt, then desintegrate?). Isn’t that a nice thought to have during a birthday?


2 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. honeywine says:

    Oh wow…you lost me at the math. I am so not counting my trips around the sun. 😉

  2. ibyea says:

    You should, it makes you really feel like you are one of the fastest thing ever. 🙂

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