Book Marathon (Day 1)

Right now, I am reading Cien Anos de Soledad. I have read so far 145 pages, and it is kind of boring, as expected. I do like some parts, but it feels so mundane and irritating when I try to tread through it. It is like walking on a swamp. Progress is slow and painful at the same time. Especially when I have to write notes as part of the assignment. The interesting part of the book is that it is multigenerational. And from the genealogy from the beggining of the book, it spans seven generations, but the narration goes everywhere. I can understand it, allright? But it gets really annoying, and eventually, one loses track of time in the book, seemingly transitioning from certain periods to another generation quickly. Time in the book feels summer vacation and fun. When one is in vacation or have fun, time is really quick, and before you know it, it is the beggining of a new school year. (Darn! School starts in about more than a week!) Ugh, I am so tired of metaphors by now.

Secondly, I find the characters annoying. Some are pretty obsessive, and others get stupidly lovesick. Many are pretty stupid and some acts like the boss around town. And the incest parts are weird (not annoying, but weird). The only one I like is Ursula. She is a strong woman, but sometimes, annoyingly motherly.

I haven’t mentioned anything good yet, right? Well, my favourite part is the chapter in which everyone contracts a weird disease, which causes them unable to sleep, but makes them forget stuff. Kind of like alzheimer, but without sleep and the debilitating stuff. I liked the bizarreness of it, and the way people coped with it.

I have one final comment. At the point of the book where I am at, a guy takes over the town from another irritating guy. Except this guy is even more irrating, and even cruel. It reminds me so much of Latin American history. From what I know of Mexico, Cuba, and Argentina, it usually starts out with one dictator. Then, some revolution guy takes over town and becomes even a worse dictator. I could swear that the history of various Latin American countries are carbon copies of that template. I wonder if the author is Latin American? Yes, the book is in Spanish, but one European country speaks Spanish too. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my musings. (I bet you really didn’t)


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