Reading Marathon (Day 2)

This is my second day of reading One Hundred Years of Solitude. I rested in Sunday. I read now to page 279. It has become more interesting, and now it is less like treading through swamp than walking two miles to a friend’s house. It is really tiring, but not painful. The chapters detailing the war was quiet interesting, including the way one of its characters changed because of it. The Buendia family are the main characters, and I have got to say, they have a knack for misfortune. Even during peaceful times, one of its family members become coockoo one way or another. After the war ends, there is a less serious tone, and a more comedic one. Some of the things bizarre things, are well… bizarre. I think that is one of my favorite things in the book. Indeed, some things are really bizarre, like animals being hyperfertile after this one guy sleeps with another girl. Those parts are fun, and add a great deal to the book.

God, I am in chapter 13, it feels like it will never end. Reading this book in Spanish was probably a mistake. I know Spanish, but I have more repertoire of vocabularies in the English language than the Spanish one. I wanted to read it in Spanish because I think that reading books in another language can lose some things in translation. This is an assigment, though. I have to constantly type in an online dictionary, which slows the reading down. This sucks.


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