Enceladus Pic

Remember that post about Cassini approaching Enceladus? I know I am a little late, but they have taken cool pictures. The news is in this page, and here is NASA’s page, with the pictures. I think the coolest one is this:

This picture is gorgeous!! The coolest part is, they pinpointed the part of Enceladus in which the water vapor erupts.

On a totally unrelated news, they have discovered a gigantic comet at least 30 miles across! Most are around a mile or two. That comet was discored along the rim of the Neptunian orbit, and it takes 22, 500 years to go around the sun! What a crazy universe we live in.


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  1. […] to the Planets Remember Cassini’s flyby to Enceladus I posted a while ago? Well, they have done it again, and at even closer distance. They have another nice […]

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