I Don’t Get It (things to think about and stupid)

I don’t get why:

People say bless you when you sneeze, it is annoying and stupid.

People go to the catholic church despite the fact that it is boring, stupid, and doesn’t provide any joy whatsoever.

People find hair disgusting.

Some people don’t take pride in their work by releasing crappy stuffs, or publishers make them unable to publish good stuff, as if bad stuffs will rake them more money. Maybe it does rake them more money.

People care if someone slept with another person in the news (stupid Edward’s debacle *cough*).

School starts so stupidly early.

People like alcoholic beverages. If you ask me, it tastes horrible, like medicine.

Some people like Mc Donalds. Their burgers sucks. Their ads are fake, showing good hamburgers. They wouldn’t make good burgers even in a million years.

Certain words are worse than others, even if they mean the same thing.

People fear terrorists more than fatty foods, car crashes, and the flu. Dwelling in those fears wouldn’t enable us to live normally, but it is bad to overreact of things that are different or unknown.

People consider some of those stupid, crappy, idiotic, stupid, imbecilic, retarded kid’s shows educational. Whoever made the shows should have brain surgery.

People engage in schaudenfreude, plus me, which is the basis of many stupid reality shows.

Movie studios stopped making hand drawn animations, like anime (good thing the Japanese fills in that void). I love hand drawn stuffs better than CGI.

Some people think that the Pascal’s Wager is logical. Now, that is stupid.

Some people can’t accept some disorganization, especially if that is part of a person’s characteristic. I find that very orderly places bothers me. Of course, too much disorganization is bad.

People do the hump. That is how I call the dance style in which people rub their rear orifice against someone else’s genitals. Not that sexual stimuli is bad, but people look stupid when they do that.

Something is not stupid when everyone else does it. Everyone doing something doesn’t prevent something being stupid. It just means the rest of the population are stupid. (Don’t take this comment too personally 🙂 )

Too much knowledge is bad. Let’s admit it here. Many think that knowing is uncool.

Some people are taking anti bacterial jelly and lotions every freaking second.

Time contracts when you enjoy something, and expands when you are being tortured. Our human body is stupid.

Some people are afraid to say no, or criticize, and if one does so, it is “rude.”

Some stupid TV female characters break up because of some stupid reasons.

People buy some stupid superfluous stuffs.

Oil and coal companies are so freaking stupid.

Nazi analogies are so stupidly used. Historical context and similarity of situations matter.

Stupid has such a negative connotation when people reject knowledgeable people.

Idiots are so stupid.

Stupid is such a satisfying word to tell at someone.

I get a sense of smug superiority by using stupid. 😉

Stupid is so overused in this post.

Some people like me are so curious about everything, and try to learn every stupid minute details even if it takes hours.

I even wrote this stupid post at all.


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