Breathe Vacuum…

…if you can. I was reading badastronomy, and I got across this gem. Basically, it is a questionnaire, and based on the answers, it tells you how long you could survive in the vacuum. I am kind of skeptical about it, but hey, it is fun. This is what I got:

Dying in the vacuum must be really unpleasant. Your eardrum pops, moisture from your body dehydrates, your cappillaries burst, you bleed and other stuffs leak through orifices, pressure in veins and arteries build up until the blood boils, you can’t breathe, and I don’t know what else. Imagine the unpleasantness of that! And you would be conscious for about 15 seconds. That is a lot, considering how unpleasant this is, and no, you won’t explode. If I am wrong in any of these assertions (except the exploding one, since I know I am right in that one), correct me, k?


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