Reading Marathon (day 4)

I finished One Hundred Years of Solitude! My, what a depressing story. In part because a lot of people die since the story is in the long time frame of 100 years. In part because it ends with the absolute anhililation, and it has been predicted by this one man. The best part of the book is probably the end. It is strangely fantastic. Basically, he reads a bunch of parchments that a guy wrote a hundred years ago, and he translated it. It records everything that has happened in the family, and as he reaches to the end, he is reading about himself reading it, while a gust that will destroy the town is approaching. This makes me think that he is actually reading the book One Hundred Years of Solitude himself. It is almost as if this book is written because the town existed. (I know it is fictional, K? Just use your imagination 🙂 ) There is something fantastic about the realization of it. I don’t know what makes this part make me think it is so brilliant. It was basically a self fulfilling prophecy. It happened because he wanted to check the parchments, and it happened because certain characters knew the future. The very act of reading that parchment sealed the character’s destiny. If he would have just left like most of all other people…

Judgement: The book is large in scope, very epic and imaginative, but I found it boring for many parts, unfortunately.

Now, on to the House of the Spirits and essay!! *groan*


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