School is Almost Back!! NOOOOO…

…NOOOOOO!!!! Woo! I feel relaxed now that I vented it all out. I got my schedule (school didn’t start yet). They screwed up. I tried also getting a study hall, but they eliminated it!! Instead, it is a stupid pass fail class called reading and research. Sounds stupid. I got 4 AP classes. It is not going to be a relaxing year. I think I can take it, though. The two AP classes I had last year wasn’t too hard. The work part, though, is on the heavy side. Also, they didn’t have me on calculus because *mocking tone* “it is too much for me.” I self taught myself some calculus. Take that, suckers! Also, they didn’t have AP physics. BOO!! They don’t have a strong science department. Science, my favourite subject, is being trampled at, and spit at (metaphorically). *sigh*

Then there are other problems. Those include: bad teachers, bad science teacher (that is a separate problem, k?), sucky cafeteria food (even I can cook better! what kind of chiefs are they?), boring lunch time, boring classes, math class with no historical context or teaching of proofing or intuitive grasping of stuffs, uneducated masses wandering around the hallway uttering stupid stuffs, stupid testing in courtesy of All Child Left Behind* and Collegeboard, and other academic blunders that make want to extend this complain to thousands of pages. I can’t wait to get out of this hellhole. Though, if I get out of this hellhole, I would miss the people I know. 😦

*Actually, it is No Child Left Behind, but I disagree. 🙂


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