Fun With Oil

You must be liking me by now. Not only do I post about science and math, my favorite subjects, but I have also done history, religion, politics, and literature. And now, it is about economics. Don’t worry, I am not rambling about some basic stuffs of economics that you don’t care about (but should). Instead, I am making Stepthen Colbert do the talking*. (thanks to the blog the Intersection) Basically, oil is expensive not because of supply and demand, but because of the stupid speculators who are speculating that prices might go up, even though we have enough now, and then, they are drilling more so that it might be cheaper even though we have enough now. Now, that is stupid. There is one thing I disagree on, though. I think the technology of alternative fuel is here, but others just won’t let it through.

*Sorry I couldn’t post the video itself here. Somehow, the program won’t work on this one.


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