Reading Marathon (day 6)

Yeah, I finished 320 pages of House of the Spirits. English class is in Wednesday, so I still have time. The first thing that comes to mind of this book is that House of the Spirits and One Hundred Years of Solitude feels like plagiarism of each other. Of course, they are quiet different, but there are many similarites. Those include the multigenerational families, the farfetched situations created by the fantasy elements (Soledad is the more exaggerated one), and the theme of real Latin American politics. Seriously, these countries must have been kind of screwed up, considering that these two authors considered adding those stuffs. From what I know of Latin American history, that is kind of the case, since these days, they are better off, though in many countries, not by much. It also reminds me of the fun times I had making fun of Chavez while I was living in Venezuela. Good times…

Also, it is only very slightly relateable. That is because it kind of pokes fun at catholicism, which I despise for its boredom, and dislike for many of its dogma. In the first scene, the family is in the church all bored, and describes the preacher preaching hell and all, making him sound all loco. My favorite part was when this guy said religion was the cause for half of the world’s suffering, and Esteban bursts in rage. I agree with that statement, and don’t come telling me “atheism is responsible for Hitler, Pol Pot, or stupid mustached dictators,” because it isn’t. Atheism isn’t even an ideology, it is just a negative statement of a belief in some superhero guy in the sky with human follies. In my mind, though, religion is the justificator, while real motives being power.

Of the characters, this guy called Esteban is seriously screwed off, with his rage-itis (huge bouts of rage), greed, and social darwinism. As you can see, I don’t like him. I don’t know why the hell this woman wanted to marry this guy. By the end, she hasn’t even forgiven for his transgretions. The other characters, me likey, especially Clara’s personality, which is weird, and has a childish disposition to it.

In this book, woos become reallity, and it is with certain ironic satisfaction that I laughed at Clara doing some of the stuffs. These paranormal stuffs are a great addition to the book, and makes it funny. It even has E. T. stuff, when Clara suspects that aliens are causing some paranormal stuffs, and tries to contact with them. So yeah, astrology, psychich, telekinesis, tarot cards, I couldn’t ask for more.

I am enjoying this book. Unlike One Hundred Years of Solitude, this one is not boring. The other work is certainly vastly larger in scope, and superior to this one, but this one entertains me really good, and it is not a chore to read through it. So kudos to Isabel Allende for writing this book. 🙂


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