Reading Marathon (end)

Yes! I read all of House of the Spirits, and did the essay and all. And no! School started today! 😦 Onto my comment of the book.

As I said in the previous post, this book is good AND does not bore me. Anyways, as things progresses to the last few chapters, things get serious. Remember the thing I talked about in which a Latin American country has this oppressive government, and it is replace by a coup with a worse one? Things go along that flow. The difference is that the new liberal government is for the better, while the conservatives who used to have power are trying to get rid of it, and ends up with that coup. Reading the torture scenes was intense, and it is a major change of mood from the funny to the serious. Not that there weren’t serious parts before, but the last few chapters are more serious.

As for Esteban, I changed my mind about me not liking him. I still think he is a jerk, but his tantrums are pure comedy. Also, he sees commies everywhere, to the point that even his own party thinks that he lost his mind. In the end, he changes into a less temperamental, nicer guy, and regains the few relations he had had before back, actually, he never had any except three or four people. He still retained his tantrums, which occurs less frequently.

In the end, it turns out that the narrations are the result of the remaining family members writing this book so that other people know about the atrocities commited.


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