First Week of School (and Mideaval Torture)

First week of school is over, and it has been a difficult transition. From sleeping at 4AM to 11PM was difficult. So yeah, I got to meet my classmates again, got to taste the disgusting food, and had homework. But they screwed up! They didn’t screw up deliberately, so I don’t blame them. Basically, they didn’t AP physics and German thanks to staffing, and they couldn’t fit piano into the schedule. Now, I may have to take French, which sounds disgusting. Well, German sounds disgusting too, but it sounds cool and rough and sophisticated and… yeah.

There were major changes in rules. Not that they are going to affect me. Firstly, they are trying to regulate the traffic between the two buildings so that things don’t get crowded, but it is not working very well. Secondly, they abolished summer school, the absent reprieve some got when they got over 9 absent, and other changes that may or may not exist depending on whether I am right or wrong. They tightened some stuffs up. They don’t affect me at all, but I thought they were interesting moves. Sounds like they are trying to get rid of unmotivated students.

As for classes, the AP ones are kind of fun, and the others are OK. Firstly, regarding biology, it is the dream science class I have been looking for, unless my judgment is too early. It has a really good focus on the scientific method and the theory of evolution is infused throughout the textbook. The lack of evolution in other biology classes have bothered me, since it is the unifying theory of biology, and without it, many things don’t make sense in this subject. Secondly, the pre calculus class is lectured based, which is kind of like my favorite method. Only AP had lectured based teaching, and finding that a non AP class was lecture style surprised me. I can’t make a judgment whether the teacher is good yet, but the initial impression is good, and he reviewed the types of numbers (real, irrational, rational, etc), which I am glad he did. I think people should know this when getting deeper into math.

Oh, and finally, in AP Euro, there was one fun period in which the teacher showed medieval torture. It was really funny, since everyone was yelling “OOhhhh” and having pained expression in their faces (including me). Trust me, you don’t want medieval torture on you (nor other tortures, but medieval one is really bad). Those gems included the breast ripper, the rack with a spiky roller for the legs, the thumbscrew, the testicle crusher, the giant spike in which they sat you on, and others which would be extremely unpleasant and unbearable*. Seriously, I would confess just at the sight of them. You see, in that time, the church was controlling the land, and the soul was more important than the body. So, if the prisoners confessed, their sins were released. That is painful, mean, and barbaric, and I should stop mentioning the obvious.

First week, rough times.

*Did I also mention the super small cage and contraption in which they put you in until you starve, the iron maiden (not mideaval), 

the spiked chair with sometimes hot spikes, the chair in which one was dunked in the water, the wood underneath toenail 

which was tapped with a hammer, the chopped head or pyre (fire could be controlled for slow or fast death) execution, and the head crusher?

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