Mythbuster: The Moonhoax

This episode of the mythbuster was awesome! (Like all other episodes of it ūüôā ) They showed that the moon hoax people, those who believe people didn’t land on the moon, were wrong.¬†Firstly, they debunked the claims that the photo with non parallel shadows were from the Earth because it meant two light sources. (forgetting the fact that there weren’t two shadows) They showed that shadows didn’t have to be parallel, it could be¬†due to topology. Also, not mentioned in the mythbuster is that distant lightsource+camera perspective=non parallel shadows. Secondly, they debunked the claim that flags couldn’t wave in the vacuum. Of course they can wave, but by moving the flag pole, which is what happened everytime the astronauts touched it. They showed it by comparing the motion of the flag in Earth pressure and vacuum, and of course, the vacuum one moved more because of air resistance. Thirdly, they debunked the claim that the astronaut behind in the shadow should have looked dark, forgetting the fact that lunar regolith is really shiny, reflecting sunlight onto the astronaut. That is how the astronaut looked lighted up even though he was behind an object away from the light source. Fourthly, they debunked the claim that footprints couldn’t have been as clear as shown in the pictures because sand needs moisture to hold itself together. Of course, they forget that isn’t just any sand, it is lunar regolith, which is jagged, and so it sticks together, holding the footprints together. Finally, they debunked the claim that the gravity effect¬†was done in a video shown in slow motion or the astronaut on a harness by showing Adam doing several motions of the moon. Trust me, the ones done on Earth and the “alleged” videos of moon motion didn’t look alike, and even the space suit didn’t move alike. When they did the motion on zero gravity (on a plane that rollercoasted up and down (you don’t have weight when you are falling)), the motion made by Adam coincided.

The final nail in the coffin, though, was the retro reflector put on the moon. That reflector doesn’t reflect light like the way it does with a mirror. It reflects it back just the way it came. One way they used it was to measure the distance to the moon accurately.¬†So, what they did was use a gigantic laser. First they used it in a terrain without the reflector, then they did it in the Apollo 15 site. What do you know, the one pointed at the Apollo site recieved the light in the frequency (I think?)¬†and time they expected it to be. So, yeah, moon hoax people=annihilated.

The scientific method rocks.


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