On the Defense of a Theory

While I was reading my biology textbook, I read something really interesting. No, it is not about any science thingy. In one part, the book was actually defending from the argument that evolution is “just a theory.” Not that it was surprising at all. No. It was interesting. It was interesting because the book actually had to defend a scientific theory from such a fallacious argument. No textbooks defends the theory of gravity, mechanic, germs, quantum mechanic, relativity, electromagnetism, and other gazillions of theories from the idiocy “it is just a theory.” Not that there aren’t people denying those things, because there are. For all those other theories, though, giving evidence for them and doing the experiments are convincing enough, but not for this one, isn’t it? That kind of say something about the state of things in the U.S., don’t you think? Especially with the creationists trying to undermine science in the classrooms, and all. Think about it.


4 Responses to On the Defense of a Theory

  1. freidenker85 says:

    You have a biology TEXTBOOK that treats the “just a theory” canard? I find it hard to believe. This sounds like popular science to me, mainly because only idiots/creationists use a phrase like “just a theory” to describe a scientific theory.

    In my biology textbook (I’m a freshman biology major), there are clear and detailed definitions of what science is, what is a scientific hypothesis, and, most importantly, what makes a scientific theory. The only reference to “public acceptance of evolutionary theory” I’ve seen in any formal textbook is something on the lines of “people have believed in the genesis story of creation because of their religious beliefs until they’ve found out that it’s utter crap, and those who persist in believing in it are doing so because the fact of evolution is inconsistent with their religious beliefs”.

  2. ibyea says:

    No, that is not what I said. I said that the textbook was defending the evolution theory from the claim “it is just a theory.” Get it? Other people say “it is just a theory,” and this textbook is against that, so it is saying why that quote is wrong.

  3. freidenker85 says:

    I’m still surprised to find such an argument in a formal biology textbook… This claim is so silly that I find it weird that the editors actually wasted ink on it.

  4. ibyea says:

    Me too! 🙂

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