Did You Know That…

September 3, 2008


I know what you are thinking right now, “this is b.s,” “what are you smoking?” or “are you pulling this out of your butt?” I kind of thought along the same line, but the math (from Built on Facts) doesn’t lie. Remember, imaginary numbers are a different kind of beast. It is kind of like… a being from another dimension, you know? ^_^ You don’t? Ok, basically, imaginary numbers are vertical of a number line, and… You know what? I will let that link explain it.


Talent and Perception

September 3, 2008

On the webpage of Scientific America, there is an article (thanks to skepchick.org!) about how perception affects the geniousness of a kid. I thought I would put a psychology post, as a start up to my first year ever in a psychology class (and in High School!). ^_^ Basically, if you reinforce to a person that intelligence stays the same, then the person will not do the work required to succeed. Even geniuses recquired effort to reach where they were, but to these people, challenging works are kind of an attack on their egos, and since they believe that intelligence can’t change, they are not motivated to work on it. Go and read it, it is fascinating.

Obama’s View of Science

September 3, 2008

It is about time that a candidate responds science based issues. It is my belief that the politicians, as a 21st century candidates, must take science into great importance. Science can help us solve a variety of issues like global warming, health, and good old scienctific exploration. Which is why I am so glad that Obama responded to the questions of 2008 Science Debate. Here is a link to his views. Not only that, his answers are detailed and concise. I would link McCain’s view, but unfortunately, he hasn’t answered any of the questions yet. Here is one of his answer to a question, which is below the fold.

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