Counting Supernovae

This is the 4th edition of *drum rolls* Pop Quizz! A quizz in which the answers are not obvious and if it is obvious, and you get it wrong, you are rebuked at!!!

Occasionally, I will occasionally ask a question, and the reader will answer them! For every wrong answer, I will consider one of your comments a spam. Ha! See how you like that suckers! (I am kidding, of course) Sometimes, a wrong answer won’t invite rage, some really obvious one will, and you will be called an idiot if you can’t answer the obvious one. In fact, I may have to make an extra page on my blog for the lists of idiots. 🙂

3. The question of the day is *drum rolls* how many supernovas occur every second in the visible universe? He he he, I got this from the astronomy magazine, suckers. If you don’t have it, guess away! (Extra Credit if you use the Astronomy magazine 🙂 )







(hint: use the Astronomy magazine)



*drum rolls*



*dying of anticipation*


*heart attack*



….And the answer is…. 40 supernovae per second! Strangely, the answer I got through the calculations I did from the facts given by the Astronomy Magazine was different. Okay, there are 12 trillion cubic megaparsec in the visible universe, with each cubic megaparsec containing 200 millions of suns. That gets 2.4*10^24 suns. There are approximately 7 supernovae per millenium in a galaxy as bright as 10 billion suns. I divide 2.4*10^24 by 10 billions and multiply by 7 and I get 1.68*10^12 supernovas per millenium in the whole visible universe. I divide 1.68*10^12 by 1000 by 365 by 24 by 60 by 60 and I get around 53 supernovae per second. Well, that was tedious. 🙂 What the hell… Did I do something wrong with the calculations or are there more factors I didn’t account for? Perhaps because most of space doens’t even have galaxies, and most galaxies may not be as large as that. I may never know the answer.


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