The Planet Atlas

With the planet count reaching at 309 planets, surely there must be somewhere a site where they put the database so that people can see it. Well, there is!! (Thanks to Universe Today) With just a click of that link, there is a NASA web page called planet quest, and they tell you all about extrasolar planet detections and stuff. Well, if you click in the New World Atlas, a pop up will appear with a map of a whole bunch of stars within 300 light years away in which they have discovered planets. You can click on any stars or filter it and check out some of the properties about the system. The scale is not accurate, but still, it is a nice representation, and gives you a few infos. They tickle my scientific mind. 🙂 Oh, and if you are on a star, you can check its location in the sky by clicking on “view star chart,” though I can’t get it too work. 😦 In conclusion, it is cool, and here is a picture, though the menu is certainly missing:

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