A Premature Review of Half Blood Prince

I was hanging around mugglenet.com, a Harry Potter fan site. And guess what? They had a test screening of the movie Half Blood Prince! I am really jealous now. Read the review of a guy who went there here (spolilers). Even though he doesn’t give the full details, he says it is really good! His words:

I wrote this review so that I could express to everyone how worth the wait this movie is going to be. I know it’s been delayed and I know that stinks. But they’re going to use the time they now have, screen it some more, and a better movie will be made as a result of it, I am completely convinced. I can’t wait to see proper movie trailers, a movie poster, and all of that because my worries are completely gone. I am sure that the movie I saw is not the final film and once the CGI is completed and feedback considered, there will be plenty more to make it a completely different experience.

So jealous… Stupid delay (for summer, so as to “expand the audience”), whose stupid purpose was to stupidly gain a few stupid millions more stupid dollars than their usual stupid profit, and stupidly satisfy their stupid greed. Or perhaps I am wrong, and they really wanted the movie to be better. Frankly, I don’t know.

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