Has the Large Hadron Collider Destroyed the Earth?

The answer is right here, suckers.

Those people who don’t know about this debacle may say in their mind, “Okkkk…, what the heck is wrong with him…?” Well, I am going to explain this. You see, every year, there is at least one idiotic theory about the world is going to end/civilization as we know it is over/we are all damned. This year, and the previous ones, there was the fear that the LHC was either going to produce particles called strangelets that would kill us all, or that a black hole would absorb us all. Never mind that people who knows better at physics than us common folks calculated that it was unlikely. Never mind that even if there would have been a black hole, Hawkings radiation would have dissipated it (though, there has never been a definitive observation of the radiation, but the theory is sound enough, I think…). They think they know more what will happen even though they know about physics less than children knows about arithmetic (ok, that is an overexaggeration). I am just sick and tired of this: “But mommy, it is going to destroy the Earth,” or “Waahhh… Nothing useful will come out of it, and it is a waste of money.” It won’t destroy the Earth, and history teaches us that useful things have unexpectedly come from unexpected discoveries, like electricity! *gasp*

Okay, enough insults for the day. But whoever spread such a thing, I will not go easy on those people. They are scaring others for nothing, and that is a perverse thing to do.

Anyways, here is a blog post (thanks to Science after Sunsclipse) detailing what happened in it when LHC fired the first beam. See people? We are all fine and dandy here. Oh, and this is a video from the same blog about people working on the huge machine:

Yay! The first step in delving deeper into the nature of particles! (Especially, they are trying to find the higgs boson) And a picture of the detector, to get a sense of scale of how big it is:

Look at how small the person is!!! I wish I could tinker around with toys as big as that. ^_^


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