Quantum Physics Book and Talking Dog

Once upon a time, I mentioned a quantum physics book in this post. Basically, it tells you about the quantum physcis (duh), while at the same time interrupted by a fun dialogue with the dog. Well, the author finally put a draft (credit due to Uncertain Principles) of the first chapter. You should go and check it out. You might learn something about particle-wave duality. That is right, stuffs can act as particle in one situation, and particles in others. The reason it doesn’t affect the macro world is thanks to the really tiny planck constant. It is like 0.0000000000000000000000000000000066 J*s, which as you can see, it is extremely small. Anyways, I still don’t get what the constant is supposed to represent. I heard people call it the quantum of action. I know it has something to do with the way things in the atomic world is quantisized, and the uncertainty of momentum and position, but other than that, I am a bit confused. It kind of seems like a barrier or limit of energy or waves an object has. I wonder, if planck constant were something like 1 or 2,… we could all be like waves. 🙂


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