Probable Exoplanet Picture

Cool, this is like what, the second a planet? Last time, it was around a brown dwarf, which is basically a star that failed to start fusion. Well, they have done it again, but this time, it is in a sun like star. It is not 100% confirmed, but it is likely. I know, it just looks like a dot, but still… Picturing planets are incredibly difficult because most of them don’t shine by themselves, and are hidden by the glare of their stars. The reason one can picture it is because it is young, which means it is quiet hot, and it is emitting heat in the infrared. So, yeah, the picture is IR. Here is the article from, and a post by badastronomer. Plus, a nice picture!

So small…

Oh, and this is just an aside, but they are going to start a new mission to Mars named MAVEN to study its atmosphere. Universe Today has a post about it.


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