Lawyers and Games

I know this is out of topic for my blog, but… The anti gaming lawyer Jack Thompson has been disbarred from the Floridian Supreme Court! Hell yeah, score one for free speech! In case you don’t know, Jack Thompson is a really annoying and idiotic lawyer who thinks video games are too violent, and adults can’t make decisions for themselves. He also think that video games will drive everyone into a violent frenzy. You know what? There might be something to it. After playing Mario, I suddenly wanted to stomp on every turtles I found along the way. Since there were no turtles, I took my anger of turtles to stuffed animals, and stomped them over and over again. Was that a deviation of my normal behavior, you say? Naahh… I am always that weird.

If there is going to be regulations, at least keep children from buying it, which is something I would agree with (teenagers don’t count as children). If not, make sure adults are responsible enough to keep such games to their children. Besides, there is already a rating system that informs people about the levels of violence and stuff there is going to be in video games. But to ban games like Grand Theft Auto? That is just too much, adults are capable of making their own decisions, and it is a violation of the freedom of expression as told by the 1st amendment of the constitution. And how come movies have it so easy? There is a sex scene in a movie, and bang, it is pg 13, and if there is sex in video games, bang, it is mature (+17). You know, just thinking that may be some points of view might be a tad biased.

(hat tip to gonintendo)

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