Skeptic Blog

October 31, 2008

A new blog has been formed from the group who filmed Skeptology. Basically, it is a show about debunking misconceptions and quacks using evidence and critical thinking. Just put it here because I thought it was interesting.

Placebo Blog Fest

October 31, 2008

There is recently a study that has been released about physicians prescribing placebos. After that, a whole bunch of medical bloggers, well, blogged about it. And I have got to say, their readings have been interesting, which is why I am linking in this post articles about placebos. Basically, placebos are, “any health effect measured after an intervention that is something other than a physiological response to a biologically active treatment.”

Other than respectful insolence, which I have linked above, there are others:

Terra Sigilata

Adventures in Ethics and Science

Pure Pedantry

Effect Measure

Denialism Blog

Science Based Medicine

So read up! And let your brain burst from so much information getting in your brain.

Phil’s Death From the Sky

October 31, 2008

…sounds cool. Again, my busy schedule is forcing my hands on blogging things late. (having 4 AP classes is not a small thing) My message of today is, BUY IT. Ok, I haven’t read it yet, all right? But any book that contains realistic end of the world scenario (asteroids, sun dying in 4 billion years) and educates people about science must be cool, right? Ok, this is shameless promoting of stuff from my number one blog and blogger, the BA, but hey, it’s science!

Oh, and as a follow up, I am linking to his post about 10 things you don’t know about black holes. I knew 9 of them, so yeah, I am intellectually more superior than most of you. 🙂 How many of them do you think you will know? If you know 7 or more, you get a meaningless extra credit for the Pop Quizz section from me exclusively! Hey, getting things from me should be considered a blessing, regardless of how useless they are.

Epic Stupid Fail

October 31, 2008

The Stupid, it really burns. Epic fail is not even the right word for this.

There is no word for this:

fail owned pwned pictures

I don’t know what else to say…

(hat tip: Splendidelles)

Punch DuPont

October 28, 2008

Last week Thursday (I know, I am late again), I was chosen by the school to go to Dupont to hear a bunch of speakers… well, speak about their careers. I thought it was a cool company. Basically, it is a chemical company that started out as explosives, and now it is expanding into biological side of things. Of course, in their overview of the history, they are probably hiding the err… questionable things all companies have from time to time. Anyways, many of the speakers were scientists and engineers, and I thought it was interesting hearing about their passion. There was the microbiologist and the one who did science related to paints and that chem engineer, who we later parodied because of her mentioning that she thinks as an engineer and problem solve like an engineer. The job I have never heard about was the “industrial hyegenist.” It sounded like they made sure the toilets were clean or something, alas, they are involved in company safety and cleanliness.

During the break, they showed a really cool material. A guy went in front with a roll of what looked like thread, code named “snow man,” and cut it. It resulted in a coily puff that made it quiet large and fluffy. I got a sample, and it was the so soft! I never wanted to let go. Fortunately, I got to take it home. However, since you won’t get to feel it, I will just show you a space filling model of the molecule, and a picture of the fluffy stuff:

(ignore the other two)


They plan to use it for clothing, carpets, and other materials. It is quiet stretchy, and they said it didn’t stain very well. If you stain a carpet made of this material, you could just wipe it off. Isn’t technology cool!

Anyways, they were also showing off how many of our products depend on DuPont produced stuff. Well, because of that, *John McCain’s voice* my friends, I suggest that we all modify the game punch buggy into DuPont punch. Everytime you see a DuPont product, say a teflon coated pan, we say ‘Punch DuPont Teflon®’ and hit another person. *end of McCain’s voice* (What? His tone of voice fits perfectly well with this comment) The game seems impractical, though. We would basically beat ourselves to a pulp.

Carnival of Space 75

October 28, 2008

Darn it, I have been busy with homework. Also, once again, I am late in my posting of Carnival of Space. Here is 75.

Stop Jenny McCarthy

October 24, 2008

…because she is both a nuisance and a public menace (hat tip to respectful insolence). Now, don’t get me wrong, I am sympathetic to the fact that her son is autistic, and I don’t know how it feels like, since I am not a parent, but it must be probably very hard on her. Still, that doesn’t give her the right to meddle in the health affairs of others, especially when she doens’t know what heck she is talking about. I am talking about her antivax stance and her antivax cronies. She is a public menace because she is preventing gullible people from taking vaccines because they are too scared. They believe it causes autism even though studies show there is no correlation between them at all. Not only that, when an ingredient of vaccine becomes too unreasonable to attack, they change goalposts. For example, it was initially a mercury compound, now it is formaldehyde, antifreeze (for antifreeze, they stupidly confused the names of two chemicals), aluminum, etc… They forget that anything can be a poison at large enough quantities, and vaccines contain very small quantities of them. Heck, even our environment exposes us more to those chemicals than any shots of vaccines. So, yeah, you got my point, stop her.

Moles YesterDay

October 24, 2008

Haha, get it? Because mole day was yesterday! Ok, you can shoot me in the head now for making such a lame joke. According to this post (Adventures in Ethic and Science), that was yesterday. To commemorate it… It is the subject of today’s…

Pop Quizz!

This is the 6th edition of *drum rolls* Pop Quizz! A quizz in which the answers are not obvious and if it is obvious, and you get it wrong, you are rebuked at!!!

Occasionally, I will occasionally ask a question, and the reader will answer them! For every wrong answer, I will consider one of your comments a spam. Ha! See how you like that suckers! (I am kidding, of course) Sometimes, a wrong answer won’t invite rage, some really obvious one will, and you will be called an idiot if you can’t answer the obvious one. In fact, I may have to make an extra page on my blog for the lists of idiots. 🙂

So, the question of the day is… How much is a mole? And for extra credit, what is the unit based on? Read the rest of this entry »

Chronicles of Pluto

October 23, 2008

Update: I said that Pluto was demoted in October, but it was in August, so I changed that. Another thing I changed is the size of Pluto to moon, from 1/2 to 2/3. Oh, and I feel like I have to explain eccentrity for those of you who don’t get the pun later on.

Yesterday, the astronomy club I was in talked about Pluto, its history, and the New Horizon, so I thought, hey, why not make a post about Pluto? Besides, two years ago in August, Pluto was taken off its status as a planet, so I guess we should mourn for Pluto. Read the rest of this entry »

Video Game Music on Piano

October 15, 2008

Do you love videogames? Do you love music? And do you love piano? Then this website (vgvids) is for you! Basically, you can check out people doing videogame music in pianos and in a few times, guitar. One of my favorite is this one:

This one:

And finally, this one: