Register and Vote

…and send this video to five friends. Ok, you guys are not exactly my friends, but at least I have the most amount of audience here.

Vote people, this is an election of utmost importance. We have many issues along the line, like global warming, economic disaster, and Iraq war management. We can’t leave those stuffs to ignoramuses. This country is already ruled by ignoramuses, we don’t need anymore. So, choose the candidate you think is the best, not for partisanship or whatever. Vote candidates for their stance on issues instead. For example, I choose Obama/Biden because not only do they seem more educated, but other than some exceptions, I agree with many of their policies, while McCain seems to be like the usual Republican that has been dominating this country for 8 years. It’s just that the Republicans these days… seem out of touch. Anyways, I oppose most Republicans because of their issues, not the label or whatever muckraking the yellow journalism does these days. I am sure there are decent Reps somewhere… hidden. Anyways, the point is, McCain is no “maverick.”


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