Roller Coasters and Coincidence

Yesterday, I went to Six Flags. I am not a big roller coaster fan, but they are ok, except for the first drops, which are really scary. You literally feel like you jumped off a building. I rode one called Nitro, which looks like this:

The seats weren’t reassuring, since they looked like office chairs stuck together. My brother went to a really high one, which is rrreaaalllyyy tall. I mean, look at this picture:

I chickened out. Anyways, we did a lot of stuff, and the last thing we did was go karts, which were awesome. Seriously, that alone could have made my day. What the theme park really creeped me out were the prices. Seriously, what kind of morons are buyng those overpriced foods, and just sucking it up!? I mean come on, paying freaking six or seven dollars for a stupid sundae, as much as I love it, ist not normal! A bottle of water is what, two or three dollars? I ain’t paying three dollars for soemthing that is free. Which is why we brought our own delicious dinner. Oh, and get this, the price for some stupid games are three freaking dollars. Most of them very impossible, and in one of them, you had to win various games to win the larger price. And one stupid game had an unreliable air gun. You know what? Forget it. Morons will keep spending large amounts of money on trivial pursuits. *grumble* idiots keep paying to these unreasonable prices *grumble*

As for a totally unrelated story, I thought I would tell this, since it is funny. I was at my father’s (7th degree black belt! bottom left) inaguration party of his opening of a martial arts school in Delaware, and I really craved an ice creame. I got one, and I went home. I had a packet of five books, right? The first one I opened (never before opened) had the picture of an author eating ice creame from what looked like the exact same foam container. I showed it to my brother, and we both laughed. You know, one of those funny coincidences. There was another coincidence today, I just can’t exactly remember which one was it.


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