Economic Disaster: For Doggies

You know, this economic crisis is kind of screwing with my head. Every explanations contain economic jargon I don’t understand, or it is just plain confusing. Trust me, I rarely get confused. Of course, in the end I kind of figure them out, but there is still some doubt left of my interpretation. This post make things easier. Emmy, the dog, is, as always, quiet helpful in her own arrogant ways. (hat tip: uncertain principles)

If you want the more hard core readings, you can go in these links. And there is another interesting article, which I kind of disagreee with in one part because she puts too much weigh in cognitive errors, but it is nontetheless interesting and informative.

Then, there is this strange part about blaming physicists for their role in the disaster. I had no idea physicists were into finance. This last one is just a throwaway, since I thought it was interesting.


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