Flybies to the Planets

Remember Cassini’s flyby to Enceladus I posted a while ago? Well, they have done it again, and at even closer distance. They have another nice composite of the surface, which contains a huge gash, lots of fissures, and a few craters:

Looks nice, eh? In other news, MESSENGER (MErcury Space, Surface ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging) passed by Mercury for the second time. After one more flyby, they will settle in a stable orbit around Mercury, which is like around one or two years. This time, they took pictures of the other side of Mercury, a side they have never seen before with a spacecraft. The previous spacecraft, Mariner 10 never had a chance to survey this part of the surface before! So this is an exciting flyby, and new things about the planet could be uncovered. BA has this covered too, and provides more interesting information than I ever could with my meager High School education. The reward of the flyby was this beautiful picture:

Very Hi Res, eh?

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