Protein Synthesis Re-enactment

Protein synthesis is the process by which proteins are formed. (duh) Anyways, are you studying the subject, or are interested in it, but you are confused about it? There is a video in which people re-enact protein synthesis by pretending to be the molecules. It is more like a dance, but it is quiet enjoyble, and you might have learned something by the end of it. (You better have, or else…) So, enjoy:

(hat tip: teenskepchick)

The basics: mRNA, chains of molecules which carry the genetic information from DNA is placed on 30s ribosome by initiating factor 1, and tRNA, which carries an amino acid, is plugged in to a group of three people (three nucleotides per amino acids) by initiating factor two. These process requires energy, and a molecule known as GTP is used for that. Once they are put in place, 50s ribosome encoles a section of it, and the T factor grabs a tRNA, and enters the ribosome, joins tRNA to mRNA next to the previously plugged in tRNA. The two amino acids join, and the process continues until the chain of amino acids form the desired protein. Meanwhile, the mRNA shifts as to allow the next set of nucleotides in line. By the end, it is broken up by a terminator factor. Cool, eh? I wonder how the heck they figured out all of that.


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