Wohoo! My First 1000th Views

I had this blog for more than three months and I already reached 1000 views. Not bad for a noob like me, eh? I am sure other people have done it faster, but this is a milestone for me, so don’t spoil it for me, pretty please, K? Proof:

Strangely, my most viewed post is my calculus one, strange, eh? Then, it is my about page, which, of course, is me. Who wouldn’t want to know about me? Huh, are you telling me that I am virtually unknown, and that people don’t know enough of me to worship me? Pffft, you must be bluffing. Curiously, my third most popular post is probably one of my lamest post telling you about how awesome this episode of Doctor Who is. I don’t why the heck people would want to click on that one.

In conclusion: I rock. Wait, are you telling me that I am getting way too ahead of myself for just a mere thousand views? Pfftt, people these days… so pessimistic.

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